2 Boxes (192g 24bags) Ormosia / Red Bean Coix Seed Tea Bags, Orange Peel, Indian Buead, Barley, Gordon Euryale / Cassia Seed, Combination Tea.
$20.85 $26.5

NOTE: The printed code on the box is the manufacturing date.Separate small bag packaging, easier to carry, lock the fragrance. Inner triangle tea bag, simple and convenient, easy to brew.It's suitable for people eating too much, drinking too much wine, staying up late, staying in AC room a long time, less exercise.Clearing dampness and heat.(祛湿清热). 红豆薏米茯苓祛湿茶. 红豆, 茯苓, 薏苡仁, 芡实, 橘皮, 大麦, 甘草, 决明子组合茶Pure nature ingredients. Scientific match, high quality, low temperature process.
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