Ficus Lyrata Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant, House Plants Indoors Live Ficus Tree Live Plant, Fig Trees Live Plants Indoor Plants Live Houseplants Fig Plants Live in Planter Pot in Soil Mix by Plants for Pets
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FIG TREE LIVE FICUS LYRATA: A live tropical tree with broad, violin-shaped foliage. Large green ficus leaves harmonize with any home decor, making this tall fig tree a great choice for kitchen decor, living room plants, outdoor plants, and much more.SPLENDID INDOOR TREE DÉCOR: These live evergreen trees make spectacular standing plant decor in any home or office space. Plant your Fiddle leaf fig tree live plant in a fiddle leaf fig pot, tall indoor planter, floor planter, etc.POTTED PLANT DISPLAY: Create a lovely corner plant arrangement with your ficus tree indoor plant and other live evergreen shrubs, such as a rubber plant (Ficus elastica live plant), weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), or money tree (Pachira aquatica).GROWING FIG TREES LIVE PLANTS: Keep your plant happy in a tree planter with fiddle leaf fig soil and fiddle leaf fig plant food or fiddle leaf fig fertilizer. Use your homegrown plant for tropical decor, floor decor, zen garden decorations, etc.LIVE INDOOR PLANTS AT YOUR DOOR: Your order includes 1 fiddle-leaf fig tree in a 4 inch pot. Your fiddle-leaf fig tree will be approximately 9 inches tall, measured from the bottom of the nursery pot. Plant height may vary.IMPORTANT COLD WEATHER WARNING: PLANTS FOR PETS STRONGLY DISCOURAGES PLACING AN ORDER IF YOUR LOCAL TEMPERATURE IS BELOW 32 DEGREES. YOUR PLANT WILL BE AT RISK OF ARRIVING DAMAGED AND/OR FROZEN IF SHIPPED IN FRIGID CONDITIONS.
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