WHOMASS Car Protectant Leather Glass and Cleaning Wipes - 90 Count, 7''x8'' Large Car Wipes Interior&Exterior Cleaning for Car Truck SUV and Motorcycles - 3 Pack
$9.99 $19.99

【All in One】3 sets, each with different functions, including car glass wipes, car cleaning wipes, and interior leather protectant wipes.【Convenient and Portable】 Pack of 3, a total of 90 counts. 7'' x8'' large car cleaning wipes, portable car cleaning kits, easy carry, use and storage, anytime and anywhere to meet your car cleaning need.【Car Cleaning Wipes】Powerful cleaning for auto surface/lint-free, won't leave greasy residue on hands/guaeanteed wipes stay moist.【Car Glass Wipes】Crystal-clear, streak-free shine, ammoina-free! safe on tinted glass! Guaranteed wipes stay moist. Tips: works better on the outside of the glass.【Car Protectant Wipes】Excellent car interior cleaner, quick cleans, keep shines and protects interior leather from UV damage, non-greasy formula, helps keep vehicles looking like new, great car wipes interior cleaning.
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