iDPRT Thermal Printer, Wireless Printer Inkless HD Printing in 3S, 100 Paper Loading, Auto Cutting, Compact Design, Support 8.26" X 11.69" A4 Thermal Paper, Small Printer for Home Use, Office
$106.34 $189.99

[Innovative Inkless Small Printer] The old-fashioned printers are bulky and expensive. They often require costly ink, carbon, ribbon and annoying setup. So that you never consider having a printer at home? This iDPRT small printer will change the stereotype of printers. Our small printer uses thermal printing without ink, carbon and ribbon, so this small printer is low-cost and eco-friendly. Also, our small printer is more compact and is suitable for home use. Load the paper and print instantly![Wireless Printing] You want to print from your phone, but you find that it has no ports for a hard-wired connection to a printer. This wireless printer will solve this problem. Just connect this wireless printer to your phones in the app "HerePrint" via Wi-Fi or hotspot, you can print directly from your devices! Also, using this wireless printer lets you share printing over multiple devices, without having to run many cables. (Note: wifi only supports 2.4G, not 5G.)[Higher Resolution w/ Auto Image Enhancing] Our thermal printer supports printing pictures and many formats, such as Word/PDF/PNG/JPG. Advanced with auto image enhancing tech, our thermal printer with 300 DPI can print more clearly with higher resolution. Especially when you print some elaborate draws or documents with a small font size, this thermal printer will give you amazing results with more details. Plus, our special thermal paper will keep your detailed printing for years. Note: This thermal printer adopts thermal imaging technology and needs to use A4 thermal paper, not ordinary A4 paper.[Faster & More Convenient] Our printer for home use can print a sheet of A4 paper in 3 seconds. You will save plenty of time waiting for printing. Compared with other thermal printers, our printer can load 100 sheets of paper. You don't have to stand by the thermal printer to manually feed the thermal printer paper all the time. Also, the bad printing effect due to paper movement will be avoided. Plus, auto cutting allows this printer for home use to give you a neater cut with convenience. Note: Use of A4 thermal paper needs to avoid pressure/friction and impact, avoid moisture and sunlight, avoid touching with wet or sweaty hands, and avoid contact with chemicals.[Remote Printing via App] Our phone printer can realize remote printing via our APP "HerePrint". So using this phone printer, you can access and print documents and files stored on remote devices and networks anywhere in the world. When you are on a business trip, you can even print documents for your colleagues miles away without the need to transfer files. You can also take photos of the reference materials in the library, print them using this phone printer, and read them when you get home.
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