Heel Cushion Inserts Shoe Pads for Shoes Too Big Grips Liners Mix Comfortable Protectors for Women
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HEEL PAIN RELIEVER: Gel liners protect and support your heels from pain, blisters, callus. Hit-and-Absorb foot technology reduces impact, same time side and back protectors pad cup soften chafing, holds heels in place and prevents rubbing and slide.STRONG STICKY DESIGN: Our high heel grips have a sticky backing that keeps them in place. Simply remove the adhesive backing and place the pads on the inside heel of shoe. Press firmly. If the adhesive loses its tackiness, just wash it.NO SLIPPING OR SLIDING IN LOOSE SHOES: Cushions are designed to fit the contour of the heel section of the shoe. Reduces about 1/4-ish of sizes. This makes shoes a bit more tight. Gel material stop your feet from slipping in and out of your shoes.REUSABLE: These shoe inserts for women can be removed and sticked to other pair or shoe again. If the adhesive loses its tackiness just wash it with warm and soapy water, let it dry and you can stick it again. Do not dry on the sun.GOOD FOR ANY TYPE OF SHOES: High heels, flats, pumps and boots. Great insert cups liner for women's blister prevention. Big pack of heel grips (Black 1 Pair, Nude 2 pairs, Transparent 1 Pair). A-must-have protection accessory for new shoes.
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