Xigugo Overnight Oats Jars, Overnight Oats Container with Lid and Spoon, 16 oz Cereal, Milk, Vegetable and fruit Salad Storage Container with Measurement Marks (white and green)
$9.99 $16.99

High Quality: Our mason jar is made of high boron high temperature resistant glass, durable, BPA and PVC free, food grade plastic lid with silicone ring, food will not spill even if it is upside down.Unique Design: The overnight oatmeal cup comes with a silicone hanging scoop ring and stainless steel spoon, it can be carried around, it is very convenient, it is a good helper for your home travel, the wide diameter is easy to clean.Widely Use: 16 oz mason jars with lid and spoon, perfect for dieters to control food intake, can be used to make DIY overnight oats, store grains, salads, jams, nuts, canned fruit to keep your food Fresh for a long time.Overnight Oatmeal: Overnight oatmeal is rich in nutrients and tastes great, helping to control calorie intake. It is made from cereals, nuts, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, milk, yogurt, etc. It is popular among business people, travelers, students, bodybuilders, dieters, Loved by beauty lovers.Perfect Gift: Overnight oatmeal jars come with airtight lids and stainless steel spoons for easy on-the-go meals.Whether at home or in the workplace. For Christmas, birthdays or other important holidays, this is a great gift for important other people, parents, friends or any other relatives。
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