Wood-Cabin Building Set, A-Frame Cabin Building Bricks Set, Pantasy Buildable House with Outdoor Pool and BBQ Model Building Kit, Construction Building Set for Adults and Teen

【Pantasy Ideas A Frame Cabin display model】Experience a refreshing escape from the ordinary by crafting a meticulously detailed A-Frame Cabin using building bricks. This iconic rural home design brings you closer to nature as you construct its intricate features.【Building toy for adults】Unleash your creativity with this adult-oriented building set. Craft a cozy atmosphere with customizable elements like a charming mailbox, a welcoming cat at the door, a functional sliding door, a rustic fireplace, a coffee machine, a foosball table, a cat tree, and an elegant ceiling lamp. These components are not only enjoyable to assemble but also fully compatible with Lego sets.【Cabin packed with accessories】Explore the cabin's interior with ease as the brick-built roof can be detached. This innovative feature provides effortless access to the upper-level bedroom and study, as well as the lower-level living area and kitchenette. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of this miniature abode.【Gift set for adults】Indulge yourself or surprise someone special with this exceptional building set. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or spontaneous gestures, it's the perfect treat for enthusiasts of the outdoors, nature, architecture, and construction. Transform it into an exquisite collectible display, whether it graces your home or workspace. The A-Frame Cabin model measures an impressive 27 cm in height, 36 cm in width, and 33 cm in depth.【Outdoor scenes can be dismantled to show】Unveil a myriad of captivating narratives by dismantling and reassembling the outdoor scenes. The possibilities are endless – envision young people gathering for a lively barbecue on the left side of the house, while simultaneously portraying a serene moment of relaxation for the elderly on the right side. Your imagination shapes the story.
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