25 Pastel Mixed Ranunculus Bulbs for Planting - Buttercup Color Mix Value Bag - Plant in Gardens, Borders & Flowerbeds - Easy to Grow Fall Flowers Bulbs by Willard & May

QUALITY PASTEL RANUNCULUS BULBS: These classic Ranunculus buttercup bulbs are quality picked and packed with showy brilliant colors. They can be planted in pots, containers, borders, beds, planters and much more.EASY TO GROW FLOWER BULBS: These hardy flower bulbs are easy to grow and are very reliable. The best time to plant pastel Ranunculus bulbs is in the fall (September thru December) so they can bloom beautifully in springtime.HOW TO PLANT RANUNCULUS: When fully grown, pastel Ranunculus grow to around 12-18" tall. Plant Ranunculus bulbs 1-2" deep (shallow) and 4-6" wide apart. Ensure you leave enough space between bulbs so that their roots have enough room to grow.BENEFITS OF RANUNCULUS FLOWERS: This beautiful mix will fill your late spring/early summer garden with brilliant colors. Enjoy these long-lasting blooms in your garden for a while and then cut them for gorgeous indoor fresh floral arrangements!
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