FU PAI E JIAO Vegan Black Sesame Balls, Gluten-Free, Rich in Dietary Fiber, Specially Enhanced with Honey, Healthy Snack for Children's Nutrition (10 boxes) 28.6 oz
$33.52 $58.88

Enjoy the rich flavor and numerous health benefits of premium Black Sesame Balls. Made from organic, non-GMO ingredients, these vegan-friendly and gluten-free treats are packed with plant-based protein.The raw materials are selected from a green and sustainable sesame seed plantation, which is baked and cooked with a little honey. This sesame ball, rich in dietary fiber, can satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty.Each sesame ball is individually packaged with nitrogen to ensure maximum freshness. You can easily carry them with you as the separate small packaging can fit into your pocket. Each sesame ball contains 1.5g of protein, making it a healthy source of energy.Black sesame seeds are packed with beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, flaxseed oil, and vitamin E. They can effectively promote cellular metabolism, reduce cholesterol, and provide antioxidant benefits.This healthy snack, originating from China with a century-old history, is made from organic black sesame powder, black rice flour, and honey. It is gluten-free and truly suitable as a healthy snack for children!
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