SOBONNY Silk Scrunchies for Women Silk Hair Ties for Sleep and Night 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchies for Hair Hair Accessories Frizz&Breakage Prevention Better Than Satin Scrunchies-3pack

MATERIAL OF SCRUNCHIES: 100% MULBERRY SILK.BENEFITS OF SILK SCRUNCHIES: This high-grade silk hair tie, designed to gently slip off your hair without pulling, abrasions or hair breakage while remaining.SCRUNCHIES FOR WOMEN: The beauty secret of celebrity's hair is the mulberry silk scrunchies, which are smooth and delicate without hurting the hair when wear.SILK SCRUNCHIES FOR HAIR: There are many sizes to choose from, and the elasticity is excellent, suitable for more wear needs. Whether it's straight or curly hair, thin or thick hair, there's a one for you.MORE OCCASIONS: These scrunchies are ideal choice for girls and ladies, not only as silk scrunchies for hair sleep,but also suitable for shopping, school and work wear.
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