Sow Right Seeds - Cilantro Seed - Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds with Full Instructions for Planting an Easy to Grow herb Garden, Indoor or Outdoor; Great Gift (1 Packet)
$4.84 $5.49

Beautiful -- Full color packet of Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum), one of the most popular culinary herbs. A minimum of 2 g per packet. Give the gift of a kitchen herb garden to your gardening friend.Indoor or Outdoor; Carefully selected variety that can easily be grown indoors in your kitchen or outdoors in the garden. Cilantro is a quick growing annual that you can begin to harvest in as few as three weeks.Safe Seed -- Sow Right Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and sells only Non-GMO heirloom seeds that are safe for you and your family.Always have fresh cilantro on hand -- The smell and taste of fresh herbs is amazing. Use fresh cilantro to add its distinctive flavor to your salsa, tacos, rice and beans, asian stir-fry, and so much more. Your food will look and taste gourmet.Easy to Grow -- Instructions included on each packet with additional growing tips, harvest instructions, recipes, etc. in the “How To” section of our website. Plus we are available to answer your questions as well. If these seed don’t germinate, we will happily make it “Right” for you.
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