14"x30"x60" Storage Shelves Heavy Duty Shelving 5 Tier Layer Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels Metal Wire Shelf Standing Garage Shelves Storage Rack ,Adjustable NSF Certified(Black)
$43.55 $65.99

●IMPRESSIVE STORAGE CAPACITY - Our wire shelving unit boasts an enormous amount of space and shelving, with plenty of room for storage. It’s able to provide you with additional space without taking up too much space itself.●STURDY AND DURABLE - Constructed from heavy-duty steel wire, this shelf is durable and resistant to dirt buildup and corrosion. Each shelf has a capacity of up to 150 lbs when properly assembled, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs total.●ADJUSTABILITY - You can adjust the height of the storage shelves in one-inch increments according to the size of each item, creating a customized unit best suited for your specific storage needs.●MULTIFUNCTIONALITY - This metal shelving unit can be used virtually anywhere, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, outdoor shed, and more. It’s perfect for storing tools, clothes, books, and whatever else is taking up space in your home or office. Equipped with wheels, you can transport this unit smoothly and efficiently to suit your needs.●FAST, EASY ASSEMBLY: The shelving unit comes packaged ready to assemble, and doesn’t require any tools for installation. In just 15 minutes, your unit can be installed and ready to save space in your home.
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