Retro Flower Enamel Stockpot with Lid,Stockpots for Cooking (5L-Mysterious Flower)
$23.39 $39.99

❤HEALTHY & NONSTICK COATING - Interior & exterior is coated by high performance nonstick coating that makes the pot easy to cook and clean. Enjoy our lightweight, elegant designed, very durable and nonstick surfaced pot for making delicious meals.❤MATERIAL& SIZE - The pot body is porcelain glazed, with hand-made appliques on the glazed surface ;Diameter 9.45" X Height 8.66“ X width 8.45"❤IDEAL for warming up sauces, gravies, butter, milk, or melting chocolate and other melt purpose .It could also use for cooking baby food.❤APPLY TO- Electric stove/Halogen stove/Induction cooktop/Gas stove .Don’t use it in a microwave.❤LIFETIME WARRANTY- If the product is damaged, contact us for a full refund or free reshipment.
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