Onsju egg incubator with automatic egg flipping function, temperature and humidity digital control, built-in egg candle, precise control panel, supporting 8 eggs (Green)
$49.99 $129.99

★ [Stable Temperature/Humidity] - Driven by a circulating fan, the airflow system utilizes 360 ° airflow circulation technology to ensure even distribution of heat and humidity, with the highest incubation rate★ [Built in Egg Tube] - No need to purchase additional egg tubes to observe the development of eggs, ensuring high hatching rate★ [Automatic Egg Pan] - Automatically flip the egg every 120 minutes. This can ensure a uniform distribution of heat and simulate the natural incubation process★ [External Water Supply] - The incubator utilizes an external water supply system to provide a stable water source, ensuring a balanced humidity inside the incubator★ [Advanced Egg Incubator] - Suitable for various poultry eggs, such as chicken, duck, goose, and quail
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