Altman Plants Live Houseplants (6PK), Indoor Plants for Delivery Prime, Live Plants and Gardening Gifts for Plant Lovers, Planters for Indoor Plants with Potting Soil, Live House Plants Indoors Live
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HOUSE PLANT BOX: Enjoy a rotating assortment of 6 different small plants in 2” nursery pots. This plant pack includes easy, low-maintenance plants for bedroom decor and living room plants like a spider plant, golden pothos, and more.NATURAL HOME DECOR: Your order may include varieties of: spider plant, philodendron, pilea peperomioides plant, golden pothos, creeping fig, purple waffle plant, red nerve plant, and other decorative plants.PLANT LOVER GIFTS: Gift with cute plant pots or ceramic planters for indoor plants, a plant terrarium, and houseplant soil to make these the perfect gifts for plant lovers and gifts for gardeners.LIVE INDOOR HOUSE PLANTS: Our growers choice plant collection may feature a hanging plant or vine plant like a wandering jew or a pothos live plant, plus fittonia and other green plants to display on a hanging plant stand.LIVE PLANT DELIVERY: Each order includes 6 unique plants in 2” growing containers. The plants in each pack will vary.HEATWAVE ADVISORY: Please consider your local daytime and evening temperatures before placing an order. Your plants may arrive damaged or wilted if shipped in temperatures exceeding 95° and left unattended in extreme heat. We strongly recommend unboxing your delivery immediately upon arrival.
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