Superior Olive Oil Dispenser Set - Slim Design Oil and Vinegar Dispenser - Funnel For Easy Refill - Oil Dispenser Bottle For Kitchen With 4 Pouring Spouts and Labels - Glass Oil Bottle Set
$9.99 $21.99

CONVENIENT CRUETS - Set of two dispensers is perfect for the daily use of oil and vinegar. Includes 4 pouring spouts—2 with a flip-top and 2 with a sealed cap, a stainless steel funnel, and chalkboard labels for neat identificationERGONMIC DESIGN - Slim and sleek, specially designed for a comfortable grip and easy hold, unlike the clunky original bottle. The stainless-steel funnel ensures refills are clean and easy, while still allowing spices and herbs to pass through.AIRTIGHT and LEAKPROOF - Double protection is provided with a push-in, easy-to-remove plug in addition to the screw-on cap. With both seals applied, the bottles are totally airtight and leakproof for safety, freshness, and peace of mind.QUALITY GLASS - The crystal-clear glass is boldly marked with measurements for convenience and accuracy. The classic oil-bottle design makes it an attractive and appealing oil cruet that will enhance any table setting. Healthier than plastic and dishwasher safe for fast and easy cleaning.4 POURING SPOUTS - Pouring is cleaner and easier than wide-mouth jugs. The flip-top slightly hinders the oil flow, controlling pouring and flips shut to prevent dripping while lifting the bottle. The seal cap allows for a stronger flow and seals shut for dust protection


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