Mr. Scrub All-Purpose Sponges, Non Scratch, for Washing and Cleaning Dishes, Premium Scrub and Scrubbers, 12 Pads, Ideal for Kitchen, Bathroom
$8.09 $9.99

Mr. Scrub sponge’s quality resembles that of market-leading brands.Strong enough for stubborn and stuck-on messes.Long-lasting and reusable.All-purpose and non-scratch. Safe on: Non-stick cookware, dishes, countertops, aluminum, cast iron, enamel, porcelain, appliances, fruits, vegetables, tiles, shower doors, fixtures, walls, carpets, and more.Our products have been vacuum-compressed. After opening the packaging, this product will appear very flat and its shape might have changed. Put it in warm water and wait for 2 to 6 hours. Afterwards, it will gradually return to its original shape. If you don’t like this product, please contact us to receive a refund.
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