WeJupit Smart Fingerprint and Touchscreen Lever Door Lock with Digital Keypads or Two-Factor Mode or Spare Key for Office Home Apartment Rentals (304 Stainless Steel, Right Handle)
$188.99 $229.99

【Super convenient, no wifi needed】3-in-1 keyless entry: fingerprint + Code + Backup Key. Smart Functions: Auto-relock + Long-time-open Passage Mode + Temporary Visitor Mode + Two people Combination Mode (fingerprint + fingerprint, pass code + pass code, or fingerprint + pass code).【Sensitive and High Capacity】The SEMICONDUCTOR FINGER SENSOR, which is 1.5~2 times better than optical fingerprint sensor, works well with anyone 4-80 years old. The touchscreen has over 2000 fingerprint collection points and only needs less than 0.5 second in identification. Store up to 200 fingerprints (10 administrators + 190 guests).【Anti-peep Password and Safe】***** + pass code + **** Passcode works correctly even with incorrect digits added in front of the correct sequence and after, as long as the total number of digits does not exceed 17. Password input is displayed as * to prevent viewing by others. You can also set a temporary password to allow visitors to access and then deactivate it shortly after.【Durable and Easy DIY Installation】The shell is made of unique 304 stainless steel, and is collision proof, waterproof, and rust proof. Works with a temperature range of 5°F to 140°F. Long battery life lasts up to one year. It fits any door with a thickness between 1-1/5
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