Velosan Nonstick Frying Pans Skillet, PFOA Free Cookware Aluminum Pans for Cooking All Stoves Compatible Induction Compatible 9.45/10.25/11 inch (11'' with Lid)

Aluminum, Light-Weighted: Made from aluminum material, our nonstick frying pan is sturdy, durable, and meanwhile light-weighted, and user-friendly to use and wash. With milky white ceramic outer coating, which achieves 7H grade (Industrial standard: 1H), our frying pan last longer for about 3~5 years.Non-Toxic, Non-Stick: The FNP(fusion point) of the ILAG inner coating achieves 600°F while the daily cooking temperature is about 374~464°F. The safe and top-grade coating is PFOA-free, smokeless, and non-toxic, promising you a healthier life while ensuring the non-stick feature that just a simple wipe is required to clean the nonstick pan.All Stoves Compatible: With induction base, our cooking pan is suitable for all kinds of stoves. The induction base and superior aluminum body material ensure fast heat conduction-no need to keep drying heating for a long time which hurts the non stick pan. No oil splashing. Simple outlooks and designs with surprising hidden details never make you disappointed.Simple Meal for Yourself: There comes a time when you need to settle your dinner but are tired of spending a lot of time just for a one-person meal. Our aluminum pans with lids will be a good helper. The non-stick feature makes it easy to clean and cook, requiring less oil which would guide you to a healthier diet. It's also perfect for a family because there are three sizes: 9.45'', 10.25'', and 11''; also, with/without the lid is selectable.Kindly Reminder: To ensure a longer lifespan, please note that Do not use hard material washing cloth like steel wool; Do not use a metallic turner/spatula to damage the coating; Avoid dry heating for a long time. Our frying pans nonstick have passed all the required safety certifications. With any problem about the product, please feel free to talk to us.
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