AI LOVE PEACE Microwave Ramen Bowl with Lid Microwavable Cooker for Dorm Room Essentials Ramen Maker Microwave Safe Instant Noodles Soup Bowls -BPA Free-Dorm Room Gifts, Dorm Gifts (Beige & Blue)

【PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFE】: Our premium and well-made ramen cooker is constructed with high quality food-grade material. As commonly used around food, it is essential that they are non-toxic, BPA-free and do not emit a pungent odor. Within the cover, there is a built-in rubber O-ring seal that forms a leak-proof seal between the lid and the bowl effectively. The bowl is also very stable as its bottom has an anti-skid non-slip texture which is perfect for handling hot foods safely.【SIMPLE & EASY】: Our microwave ramen bowl features thick durable handle that provides an easy grip, lift and pouring. The vented hole on top of the cover can be opened and closed easily with a high-grade silicone gasket. The release of steam during or after the cook makes it convenient when opening the lid later. The upgraded push lock rotary mechanism seals strongly and also very easy to open - gripping onto the handle, push the cap with your thumb to unscrew the lid, anti-clockwise.【PORTABLE & COMPACT】: Our rapid ramen cooker is perfect for travel and on-the-go instant noodle cooking lovers with chopsticks compartment on the underside of the cover and strainer functionality too. Constructed to be lightweight, our bowl set is easy to clean and the compact design allows you to put it away in a small spot. The lid is designed with a horizontal non-slip textured surface to provide strong grip when using and handling, as well as placing utensils when cooking.【VERSATILE】: Our multipurpose reusable ramen bowl set with sealable vented hole comes in 7.2” in diameter and 3.74” in height, it is an ideal fit for most standard microwave. You can use it as a soup bowl, heating up leftovers or steaming vegetables. Cook and eat it right from the bowl without additional cleaning required - no mess and convenient! A perfect gift for loved ones or friends who are living in a small apartment or dorm room. Great as bento for students and office workers too!【HOW TO USE】: 1) Add the block of instant noodles in the bowl.2) Fill the bowl with water. 3) Let the microwave do ALL the cooking. For dry noodles, strain off / drain out the water from the lid’s vented hole.【USER-FRIENDLY INNOVATION】: Our microwave ramen bowl features innovative design for optimal overall user-friendly experience.【INNOVATIVE DESIGN】: The vented holes on top allow steam to be released thus effectively guards off messy oil splatter in the microwave oven. The heat-resistant handles help for safe microwave removal so you don’t burn your hand. The BPA-free container is also dishwasher safe, making clean up just as quick and easy as cooking. Comes packed with travel chopsticks and a storage compartment for them. Dorm essential for college students, kitchen space savers and instant noodle or ramen obsessives!【UNLEASH YOUR CULINARY SKILLS 】 : Since it’s so convenient and such a time-saver, you can make your meal more flavorful! Add seasonings, hard-boiled egg and top with garnishes such as scallions and corianders. This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, dorm, apartment and office【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】: Each pack of microwaveable ramen bowl set we sell is inspected carefully and packaged well to ensure that it is safe and of the highest quality. If for any reason you feel that it does not meet your expectations, do reach out to us so we can ensure you have the best product and service quality.
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