AIHYING Moving Sand Art Liquid Motion 3D Round Glass Deep Sea Sandscapes Pictures Relaxing Desktop Home Office Decor Gift Blue 7"
$9.99 $19.99

Characteristics of moving sand art : Charming and exquisite 3D sand motion art is a very attractive art ornaments, each rotation of the quicksand to form a different sandscapes. Looking at the slow flow of sand and the changing sandscapes, the whole process will feel especially calm and relaxed.Quicksand sand art material: Made of lead-free transparent glass and carefully selected sand grains. The perfect product can flow out of the excellent multi-shape 3D pattern effect.The wide use of 3D moving sand art: Moving Sand liquid motion can be placed in the home or office, desk. Can be given as a gift to relatives, friends, children. You will enjoy the art of sand very much.Size of Art Sand: 7”/12” diameter optional. Suggest 12 inches is more cost-effective. Great gift: Whether it's for office workers, students, or computer users, the AIHYING SAND ART makes a thoughtful and unique gift. Share the joy of watching the sand flow and the art come to life with your loved ones.Warranty service: We stand behind the quality of our product and offer free replacements for any defects. Purchase with confidence knowing that we have got you covered.
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