Newgam 4 Gallon White Trash bags Thickened Bathroom,Bedroom,Tear-Free trash bags,Office Stretchy Garbage Bags,Unscented Waste Bag 30 count
$3.99 $6.99

Easy To Carry: It's a NO-Tear style with a drawstring trash bag. These garbage bags are designed to be portable and can be easily lifted and pulled when you need to clean up the garbage, making them very convenient to use.Material Promise:The quality of these rubbish bags is strictly controlled and very durable. Even in outdoor or harsh environments, they can remain intact and prevent rubbish from leaking. This means you only need to buy them once and use them for a long time without frequent replacement.Compact And Lightweight: Due to the small size of these garbage bags, they are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can use them whenever you need them.Moderate Gallon Capacity: 4 gallon 30/60/90 count garbage bags capacity is designed for medium-sized trash cans, perfect for busy families, seasonal cleaning such as spring cleaning and back to school.HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: These trash bags are made of high quality material that won't tear or leak easily, thus ensuring that trash is stored and transported safely.
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