Kinto Stainless Unitea One Touch Teapot 720 Milliliter (24.35 Fl. Oz.) - Heat-resistant Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Strainer in Lid (Japan Import)

The ONE TOUCH TEAPOT features a stainless-steel lid with a strainer integrated into it.Put hot water and tea leaves directly into the pot and then pour your tea. Spacious pot allows leaves to open widely for more delicious teaIntegrated lid and stainless-steel strainer allows for easy washing in addition to a more delicious tea | Microwave and dishwasher safe.Made of heat-resistant glass | stainless steelApproximate dimensions: 24.3 oz. (720 ml) | D 3.1 in x H 5.7 in x W 4.9 in (D 7.8 x W 14.5 x H 12.5 cm)
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