Instant Pot Ceramic Inner Cooking Pot 8-Qt, Non-Stick Coated Interior, Rice Cooker, Cooking Pot for Slow Cooking
$16.95 $24.95

NON-STICK INTERIOR: Get to cooking with high quality non-stick coating! Safe for food preparation, this Instant pot inner cooking pot is perfect for cooking rice, all manner of meats, yogurt and more! It is also plastic PTFE and PFOA free.EASY TO CLEAN: You won't need to scrub so hard to get rid of stains, odors or flavors. This ceramic cooking pot has a non-stick coating that allows for easy cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe.INSTANT DESIGN: Designed for the 8 quart instant pot multi use programmable pressure cookers, iplux80, ip duo80; Not compatible to any other brand of electric pressure cooker.ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: A great solution for the "eye-balling" method we all rely on. The Instant cooking pot has markings for pressure cooking safety and precise measuring.HEAVY DUTY: If you need to move your cooking process, the Instant ceramic cooking pot can be transferred to the oven, where it resists heat up to 680F/360C.8 PORTIONS: The perfect tool to save time and effort. The Instant ceramic cooking pot holds up to 8 portions, perfect for families, meal prepping, and big batch cooking.DISCOVER AMAZING RECIPES: Includes the free Instant Brands Connect App, where you can find new recipes to create quick favorites and prepare delicious meals, available for iOS and Android.
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