Gaea's Blessing Seeds - Garlic Chives Seeds (1.5g) Non-GMO High Yield Open-Pollinated Heirloom Chinese Leek 90% Germination Rate

Allium tuberosum - Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated - High Germination Rate: 90% for the current lotAlso known as Chinese leeks. Called jiu cai in Chinese. This permanent perennial herb is a joy to have ready at hand a gardening cook’s secret!Garlic chives impart oniony flavor with a distinctly garlicky overtone. Young leaves are most tender and work well in egg dishes, soups, marinades and Asian cooking (dumplings, pot stickers, and dipping sauces, for example). White, edible flowers appear in summer, and attract pollinators and other beneficial insects.Spring/summer/fall harvest. This is a hardy herb that is tolerant of frost.Gaea’s Blessing is based in Illinois, USA. We are committed to promoting sustainable growing methods, to protecting the biodiversity of our planet, to doing our best to protect the wellness of the environment, and above all, to ensuring your satisfaction. As adopters of the Safe Seed Pledge, we do not consciously buy or sell seeds that have been genetically modified.


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