Weed Puller, Brewin FULLY Stand Up WeeDeleter - Zero Bending and Back Saver, Effortless and Efficient weed remover, Durable and Lightweight Weeder, Easily Push-Twist-Pull

FULLY STAND UP WEEDER - Different from other weeder which needs bending over to pry, Brewin weeder is a fully stand up weeder with easy-eject middle grip, which helps to prevent sore knees and back aches from bending and kneeling.EFFORTLESSLY PUSH-TWIST-PULL - The extra-wide T-shaped handle and footstep design ensures easy insertion into the soil and effortless twisting to remove weed roots. 3 sharp and sturdy pins provide a firmer grip on the weed roots and leave smaller holes in the lawn.STRONG, DURABLE & GREEN- Oval-profiled steel tubular shaft design balances the strength and lightweight nature of our weed puller. It is suitable for various types of soil. 100% “GREEN” Weed eliminator - no more harmful chemical weed killer needed.PERFECT GIFT - Packed in elegant gift box, Brewin WeeDeleter is the best gift choice for passionate gardener, house warming, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY


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